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Last Updated On:  March 11, 2012

Want to master life?

By Coach Keya

Live life one day at a time. Life can be pretty overwhelming for most of us when you try to see the big picture. Usually we begin to notice every bit at a time of the entire vision. If we see it in a movie then we see only one image at a time and it is manageable. But when we try to see them all at a time, it comes to us as an image with too many distinct pixels. The image is out of focus and we see to many pixels and nothing makes sense. it usually gives us a headache.

Mastering Life

Mastering Life

Live life as a whole, yet yesterday remains a memory and tomorrow is just but a dream, a plan you cannot get attached to. Live life in day-tight compartments. You could easily lose today to both yesterday and tomorrow, when today is all you have to live in. When tomorrow comes it will be today again, revisiting.

Each day you read or hear something new. This excites you. But then if you do not implement it right away, you will lose it. So take the time to invest a few minutes and implement the new idea while it is still fresh. Anything you do the first time, it works. Use this good fortune to repeat it again tomorrow. If it works why stop it. Keep doing it, until it becomes a habit. Basically it becomes a second nature. This is how we master life.

My teacher Baba Hariharananda says an ounce of practice is better than tons of knowledge.


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