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Last Updated On:  December 19, 2020

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed All the Time - 2 ways that work depending on your lifestyle

By Coach Keya


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Overwhelm happens to everyone often, but it can't be an eternal state of existence. Here we explore options to stop feeling overwhelmed all the time. Overwhelm isn't normal or natural for you or anyone.

When feeling overwhelmed it's your primitive mind that is ruling your life. The primitive mind is all about survival. It allows you to survive but never move beyond. Everything seems bright, bold, and beautiful and you don't want to miss out. This is the beginning of overwhelm.

Too many zig-zags crisscrosses, intersecting lines, bends, curves literally give me a headache. This is because my eyes are bombarded with more information than my brain can process. This can happen auditorily too when too many voices are calling for your attention at the same time. When too many emotions arise and you are at the end of the rope, it's overwhelming. Many lives are incessantly facing a bombardment of external stimuli. So, how to stop feeling overwhelmed all the time.

How to stop feeling overwhelmed all the time is a potent question

stop feeling overwhelmed all the time

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In today's urban society, overwhelm is a common phenomenon. There are too many options to choose from, each competing with the other for your attention, your time, your energy and you don't want to miss out on one by opting for another. You want to have it all, all the time.

It's like you want to have all the cakes and eat them all too at the same time.

The answer is obvious: Stop doing whatever creates the feelings of overwhelm, to which your response maybe It's easier said than done. And, you are right, because to the mind enslaved by consumerism, a sense of urgency, and feelings of lack or scarcity, all shiny objects seem golden. How to stop feeling overwhelmed all the time when surrounded by too much of the same thing - whether positive or negative - all the time is a question to consider.

The power of pause as a response on how to stop feeling overwhelmed all the time

Pause Breathe Ponder Choose Do

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Before the tipping point, it is wise to pause. If you have never done this before, it might feel challenging. So, initially, you might have to do it consciously. Once you get into the habit, you will know when to pause and walk away.

Breathe, so you can oxygenate your brain and being and create some internal space for yourself. When you think from a place of crisis or overwhelm you can't think. You will think of where you are and what is right for you. Pondering can be done by yourself if you are used to it. If it feels challenging, take a break. Find a confidante and have them help you work out your options and choose your next steps and finally follow through with your agreed-upon plan. Just do it as the Nike tagline suggests which has become a mantra for many over decades.

An option may be the power of prayer as an answer to how to stop feeling overwhelmed all the time

Stop Relax Breathe Pray Resume

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This option works if you are used to turning inwards or towards higher power and praying. If you have never prayed before you can still meditate and have a conversation with your inner guide.

It's the power of prayer that never fails. Your prayer must include in it something larger than you. If you are asking for something specific, ask yourself why should the universe make your wishes come true. If you are praying for money, know clearly why should the universe send you the money. If your intention for the money is a trivial gain, what will you do with the gain after you have the money that will pay for it? such joys are short-lived.

A friend of mine prayed to have a house that she could use to serve God's devotees. And for the past sixteen years, she has used her house for that purpose, except 2020 when we are all in quarantine.

So, whatever you are doing and wherever you are, go ahead and stop all you are doing before the overwhelm takes over your life and becomes an all-the-time way-of-living. Relax for as long as you need to so you can gather yourself. Do whatever you need to relax. I love going out for walks even if it is a short five minutes brisk walk. When you physically move your body, your brain releases a different set of hormones than it was earlier. Stress hormones are replaced by calming hormones.

A stretch followed by a self hug is a great response on how to stop feeling overwhelmed all the time. If you see someone you care about and feel close to like a friend or a family member give them a hug.

Self hug

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Self Hug

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Hugs shared with another or hugging yourself for twenty seconds will help you relax.

Breathe before during and after the hug. Taking slow-long-deep breaths and holding them in before the exhalation helps. Pause after each exhalation and then inhale again. There is no rush. This flushes out all stress hormones and floods you with oxygen, the source of life.

From this space, now pray. Ask for whatever you seek. It could be for peace, for calm, for you to be done with whatever caused you the overwhelm. Notice how you feel flooded with hope and slowly you return to an aligned, balanced, and calm center.

Pauses and prayers are great tips to carry around in response to how to stop feeling overwhelmed all the time. You have to start somewhere - so start with a hug.

Man screaming out loud

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If you want to scream out loud and feel no one is hearing you and this is all the time, maybe you are open to connecting and a conversation.

If you have tried all of the above and are curious about what next after doing all you could in response to how to stop feeling overwhelmed all the time, let me know.

I would love to hear from you. A meaningful conversation is a great start to stop feeling overwhelmed all the time. Let's connect!

Until then,

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