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Last Updated On:  May 8, 2015

Most powerful subconscious mind power technique

By Coach Keya



What is the most effective subconscious mind power technique that exists today?

We can call it by any name we choose, but it is the same process:

  1. Enter the conscious mind,
  2. By pass the critical mind
  3. Access the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis allows you to access the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is the gateway to the collective consciousness and ultimately the outer layer of cosmic consciousness.

There are many mind control techniques being taught and practiced and most of them are not aligned with the highest good of humanity. It is easy to get lost and the karmic repercussions are huge depending on how intently the practitioner continues or is stopped through his karmic buildup.

Subconscious mind power techniques can create your hell or lead you to your heaven. So mindful living is the ideal way of existence for the practitioner and seeker.

As a lifelong meditator, I can promise that meditation as taught by an authentic and true teacher is the most powerful technique of accessing the subconscious mind and through this reach your higher consciousness. Once you establish this connection with your higher self, you can literally make magic happen every day in your life and also become a miracle in anyone’s life you choose to. When you are on this path as a seeker of truth and strength, you can only be a miracle in everyone’s life. Of course you have to be graceful, grateful and have immense fun along the way.

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