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Monthly New Moon Meditation (90 minutes)
Monthly Mastermind on Full Moon (90 minutes)
Weekly Action Calls - includes 6 minutes of personal laser coaching$25
Access to Members-Only Facebook Group
Workshop Discount25%50%
One-on-One Service Discount10%25%
Healing School Classes discount10%25%

Is membership right for me?

FAIR WARNING: The Ventura Healing Center (VHC) programs and private coaching with Coach Keya are NOT FOR EVERYONE! If any of the following apply to you, please do not join:

    • If you need to borrow money or go into more debt to buy this membership, don't join.
    • If joining means that your family is deprived of necessities (food, clothing, guitar lessons), don't join.
    • If your gut is saying the price is too high, or you don't feel comfortable in any way, don't join.
    • If you're not willing to put in the work required (because creating plans and systems to get healthier, feel happier and make dreams come true takes work, contrary to what others are trying to sell you), don't join. 

BUT, if are ready to commit to experiencing more love and wellness, resolve conflict, effective communication and personal empowerment--and you are willing to accept the support, the guidance, and the advice of experts and mastermind members, this program may be a good fit. 

Coach Keya is one of a kind. She truly has made such an impact on my life in just a couple of months.

- Brittany O.

Is this membership a good fit for me?

This program is NOT for those who are content to struggle, so to avoid wasting your time, let me explain exactly what kind of person this program is designed for:

  • FIRST, you must be dedicated to taking responsibility for your experiences rather than feeling like a victim where “things” “happen” to you, meaning that you intend to accept personal responsibility for your health, happiness and future.
  • SECOND, you must be willing to set and pursue specific goals for your future, such as financial goals, health goals, family goals, and so on.
  • THIRD, you must be flexible in the way you achieve your goals. No, that doesn't mean that you will have to do things you hate, rather it means that you must be open to new or other ways to get where you want to go.
  • FOURTH, you must be willing to learn and actually do new things to live a loving, fulfilling and balanced life. If what you've done so far has worked, great! But going from surviving to living to a thriving life requires not doing more of the same, but doing some things differently, as well as doing some new things.
  • FIFTH, you must be committed to your personal success, meaning that you are willing to do whatever it takes to create and sustain a peaceful, fulfilling and prosperous life.
  • SIXTH, you must be willing to release your old prejudices, fears, and any bad habits that may have stood in your way of succeeding in the past. You simply cannot hang on to old programming if you want to significantly up your game personally and professionally.
  • SEVENTH, you must be willing to work on feeling aligned and live in integrity with your thoughts, emotions, and feelings while working on your belief systems. While I do work with those needing medical, psychological and psychiatric help, this program is specifically and exclusively for those that are ready to take charge of their life now.

Do the above categories describe you and your needs?

Do you want to apply to work with Coach Keya to further your personal and professional goals?


The first step toward the support of VHC membership is to fill out the form below.
Then you'll have a short call with Coach Keya to see if this is a good fit.
If all goes well, you'll find yourself with an invitation to join this elite group of individuals who are emerging as movers and shakers in their world!

Coach Keya is a great facilitator to open the pathway to clear emotional and mental baggage.

- Danny L.

Keya is amazing coach. All I can say is I couldn’t stop smiling and so happy I started my journey with her.

- Marie

Still have questions about joining VHC?

Call 805-275-2289 or write to [email protected] with your questions.

Keya is an amazing person that has helped me tremendously in becoming the person I was meant to be.

- Guadalupe B.

Here's what it costs

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Welcome Package

$300 / 3 months

$100 / month thereafter

2 One-on-One Sessions - $400 value
12 weeks of Action Calls - $300 value
3 monthly Meditation - $75 value
3 monthly Masterminds - $75 value

Total value - $850

Your cost - $300

VHC Premium Membership



No commitment

$100 one-time activation fee

6 Monthly


$450 billed every 6 months

$50 one-time activation fee



$600 billed annually

No activation fee!

Notice: Enrollment activation fees are WAIVED due to current national health crisis.

VHC Insider Membership



No commitment

$25 one-time activation fee

6 Monthly


2 Weeks Free!

$25 one-time activation fee



2 Months Free!

No activation fee!

Notice: Enrollment activation fees are WAIVED due to current national health crisis.

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