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3 Keys to More Confidence

Discover the most effective strategies to Boost Your Self-Confidence and experience More Personal Freedom in ALL areas of YOUR Life!

Trust me when I say… You can live the life you once dreamt possible.

I can't express how impactful it was for me. Not only was the session informative, but it was also incredibly engaging. These aren't just theories; they're easy, effective strategies that I could start applying right away.

— Tami Castillo

Thank you for the Master class. I learned a lot.

— Jahidaah Diaab

What a fountain of wisdom you are Keya! I loved so many of your words, especially your discourse on judgement. Going to try and remember to take those 3 breaths 🙂

— Cyndera Quackenbush

Keya brings a wealth of wisdom to her classes. Gives so generously from her heart. Contact her or refer her to someone who will benefit from her classes.

— Della Meadows

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to Discover How to:

  • Access your subconscious and tap into your higher consciousness so you know what you are worth
  • Turn your subconscious mind into an ally so you can break free of the insecurities, doubts, and guilt from past mistakes that are holding you back
  • Learn simple practices that help you grow in self-compassion and self-confidence
  • Make the universal laws work for you so you can have what you want
  • Help your children with more self-love and healthy self-esteem so they know they are worthy of respect and are born good enough.

Meet Coach Keya

Keya Murthy, M.S., C.Ht. began her journey as a teacher, an engineer and for the past eighteen years has worked as a Spiritual Life Coach and an accredited Hypnotherapist.

She is the founder of  Ventura Healing Center and has helped thousands heal their heart and prepare their mind to achieve success.

Using the principles of Buddhism, Vendanta, Reiki, Huna (Hawaiian Shamanism), Yoga, Ayurveda, Munay-ki (Peruvian Shamanism), and more, Keya teaches her students to find forgiveness from their past, and step into their future - beautiful, powerful, and free.

Keya is also an astrologer, an author, and an alchemist.

Keya Murthy, Spiritual Life Coach

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