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Last Updated On:  March 1, 2023

The Centuries-Old Practice That Lets You 'Float' Above Your History & Heal Past Trauma

By Coach Keya

One of the lesser-known uses of hypnotherapy is the ability to travel above your timeline — their personal history. I take my clients on a journey into their past above their timeline, so they can get to the root cause of what’s holding them back.

Once the source of sorrow is visited, honored, and healed, there is compassion. As a result, your self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence increase.

Now that the past is cleared up, you can travel into your future above your timeline and find your future self, while gathering the resources along the way you need to become the ideal you — who you were born to be.

A person's fear of the future and the unknown comes from not knowing how to get there.

But once you do it in your mind, it gets easier to live that ideal life. You have the experience to lean on.

Hypnotherapy is one of the many ways to get you to live that ideal life.

Your future self is the life you long to live and that you believe is possible.

Hypotherapy can create conscious change — and help make your life into what you want

Before you can undergo a journey to consult with your future self, you must truly grasp who you are in the present — and understand how you came to be this particular person at this particular time.

To have love in your life, you have to love yourself. To love yourself, you have to know yourself. This is why self-awareness is key to creating change.

Your true self is your ideal self and that future self that you must be willing to embrace.

When you were born, you had a mission, you knew your purpose. That’s why you see babies laugh and cry for seemingly “no reason."

You did it too.

Acknowledge role of fear along your life path

As a baby your psychic self and survival self were dominant. You did not have an ego self or a conscious or subconscious self yet.

There are two ways to approach anything, either from a place of love or out of fear.

A baby is born fearless and is taught this trait over time.

Fear shows up in three broad flavors:

  • Fear of the stranger taught you to judge what isn’t like you.
  • Fear of loss makes you cling to what is familiar even when it hurt you and held you back from the life you wanted.
  • Fear of the unknown keeps you repeating past patterns thereby preventing you from stepping into your future.

The more fear you learned, the stronger your ego got as a means of survival. Over time you learned to forget your “true” self and “be normal."

You learned to fit it. Slowly, you put your dreams aside and began to “belong."

Let your dreams re-emerge

Your dreams never gave up on you. They lingered. When you are in the shower or on long lonely walks or in nature by yourself, you wonder, what if you are supposed to be, do and have something else than what’s now your “reality?"

The two ways to bring in anything new — invent or reinvent. Indigenous people and psychologists have always wondered and tried to get to the beyond.

The belief system is that all answers lie within and the mind never lies. Now, you have a critical mind that keeps you safe by keeping you within the limits of what’s familiar.

The words family and familiar both have the same root in Latin.

And so, if you must know more, have more, do more, and be more than what you have been told is possible, you have to break through that invisible ceiling of the critical mind.

Following the path of self-invention

What we know now to be the “new age” is the return of practices from the old ages. Every tribe and nation all over the planet had their ways of communing with their higher selves, their authentic nature, and their gods and goddesses.

It wasn’t only for favors and predictions but also to understand why things were the way they were and learn what could be done differently, to have different results, and experience more freedom from the past.

Lessons of the Buddha path

In or around 500 BCE, the Hindu Prince Siddhartha Gautama left his kingdom, wife, and newborn child and traveled to study with teachers to learn how to stop suffering. When he had studied with all the great teachers of his time, he sat alone with himself day and night and focused on how to help others heal their pain.

And, in six years his future self became his true self and the world called him the enlightened one, the awakened one — the Buddha.

Leaders from not too long ago like Gandhi, Mandela, Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther King Jr., all sat still in silence and met their future selves, embraced them, and became one with their purpose, their true selves, and the rest is history or "her-story." I mention these names because they are modern global figures and most of us are familiar with their work.

But in reality, there are hundreds of such souls living today, who know who they are and why they are here and have embraced their mission, and are living their life to the fullest. They have the proverbial cake and are eating it, too.

If you cannot sit on your own in silence, there are rituals, ceremonies, and journeys that a guide can take you on, for you to meet your future self.

Then, with the help of a coach or mentor, you can lay out the action plan and have their support, guidance, and accountability to become that ideal you and live a fulfilling life.

All great souls have experienced personal growth with a guide by their side.

This is where hypnotherapy can be a reliable conduit between today and the future.

Hypnotherapy can help you meet your ideal 'you'

Today if you turn on the news you will hear of celebrities, CEOs, and others in places of power, who upped their game because of their use of Ayahuasca or some other psychedelic, or going through some spiritual ceremonies or attending some silent meditation retreat.

What happened during these ceremonies and meditations was their critical mind dissolved and they got in touch with their unconscious self. They got a glimpse of their true self and embraced it wholeheartedly.

They were no longer in fear of their own brilliance because they bid goodbye to all their “what-ifs."

You can accomplish this through hypnotherapy, a practice I share with my patients who are looking for answers that only are available to them once they become reconciled with their future selves. Your future self is the life you long to live and that you believe is possible.

Fear of the future and the unknown comes from not knowing how to get there. But once you do it in your mind, it gets easier to live that ideal life. You have the experience to lean on.

Hypnotherapy is one of the many ways to get you to live that ideal life.

Why your visit with your 'future self' is so real in your mind

In your mind, and in a very real sense, this journey to visit your future self actually took place. You did not merely imagine or visualize something.

You literally traveled to your future to find your future self.

What you experienced is now familiar and your critical mind won’t consider it a threat any longer and so doesn’t try to keep you back from experiencing it.

Your subconscious mind is now your ally and works with you to get you to where you want and need to be.


Keya Murthy is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming, and Energy Medicine Practitioner. She is an International Bestselling Author and is also the host of the Be Happier with Coach Keya Podcast.

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