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Last Updated On:  July 30, 2012

Hypnosis & Weightloss - I

By Coach Keya

Hypnosis and Weight Loss - I:

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Hypnosis is not a substitute, but a must for any and all weight loss programs for the results to be long lasting.

Whenever anyone learns of me working as a clinical hypnotherapist, the first response I hear either one of the three: “Can you make me lose some weight?” or “Can you help people quit smoking?” or the inevitable “Now I am scared. I do not want you to learn of my secrets” or better yet “Can you make people do funny things?”. I can tell that someone has been watching a lot of stage hypnosis.

I have always used hypnosis for helping my clients overcome their emotional blocks and achieve their desired goals. Whenever anyone asks me about weight loss or smoking cessation I usually refer them out. Personally I believe that when people are happy getting their goals they are happier and make healthier choices and hence either lose their weight or quit smoking whatever the desire maybe.

In this section I shall focus on using hypnosis for not just weight loss, but instead weight management. I want you to have a clear understanding of what is happening at the deep psychological and physical level so you can be in charge of your weight and control it on your own. Though simple, it is not easy, hence an understanding is very important.

Weight gain and weight loss are both a result of unresolved emotions. Food has been associated more to emotion than to hunger. We eat when we are glad, sad, mad or feeling bad. Every celebration and mourning is associated to food and feeding. Airlines are rated based on service and the service is all related to the meals provided. The better a meal provided the better an airline is rated. You could have everything as expected/promised or even better, but if the food isn’t what the guest expects then the airline is not rated good, is it?

All our memories from when we were 8 or younger control our subconscious programming. The food we ate then or craved for comfort still brings us pleasure today. The food a family shares during a meal time has to do with culture and finances. What we are used to and can afford, we feed our children. When children are hungry anything they eat appeases their hunger and brings comfort. Meal time is usually a family time and often brings a sense of belonging.

If a meal time wasn’t a pleasant time, then the meal never has a positive association in our subconscious mind. When a meal is joyous, no matter how humble the meal on the table, the food served always has a positive association in our subconscious mind.

E.g. every morning after waking up, when children are fed sugary cereal and fried food like potatoes, pancakes, bacon, sausages and eggs this food will always remain as a source of comfort for the child throughout their life and all the way into the adult years. Fried and sugary food always remain a positive association in the subconscious mind. Using hypnotic suggestions, these positive associations can be turned into negative associations in a hypnosis session. During hypnosis, the client is also given positive associations for healthier food choices. This allows the clients to eat healthier and hence lose the unwanted weight.

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