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Last Updated On:  July 30, 2012

Hypnosis & Weight Loss – II

By Coach Keya

Hypnosis & Weight Loss – II

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Hypnosis is not a substitute, but a must for any and all weight loss programs for the results to be long lasting.

People have an aversion to foods no matter how healthy they are, if this food was forced upon them as a child. I have had clients tell, “Oh! My mother was into this organic stuff, even before the world went  “organic”. This is why I have such a tender disposition and I keep falling sick.” Joe would have friends eat hot dogs and chicken nuggets at meal time and bring over candies to school for lunch. But Joe’s mother fed him pureed beets and salads made from greens which she grew in his backyard. Joe grew up feeling deprived of fast food and treats and hence as an adult he can’t eat anything but healthy food. Joe feels resentful that he could not eat normal “kids food” as a child because of his mother’s preferences.  Today as a 40 year old man he has keep visiting every alternate health care provider and wellness coach to get his stomach from feeling better. When Joe came to me, he would go out with his friends, eat regular food at restaurants and come home and be sick. We began using hypnosis to alter his negative association in his subconscious mind to healthy food and turned them into positive association. Consciously he started to realize that his mother was doing the right thing by offering him healthy food as a child. Once his subconscious mind made positive associations with healthy food, he had fun when he went out with his friends. After eating meals he was comfortable with and now began enjoying too, he looked forward to going out to eat and he wasn’t sick anymore. Joe was eating healthy and enjoying his dining experiences.

Often children do not understand the reasons why they are asked to do certain things. It becomes a power struggle between the primary care giver and the child and the ultimate result is resentment. Hypnosis helps heal the resentment and also create healthier relationships with food and parent and child.

Even when parents try to explain to the child why they must eat a certain food, the child is not ready to hear the parent. This is because of reasons which have nothing to do with food. When a child feels powerless in one or more areas in his/her life, (s)he will use food to feel powerful. The person eating the food can alone control either eating or not eating it, and hence feels powerful. Overeating or under-eating are both result of a person feeling less powerful in other areas of his/her life.

Hypnosis can help you build overall self-worth. Using hypnotherapy you can gain self-esteem in one or more areas of your life where you feel less powerful. As your self-love grows, you learn to make healthier choices consciously and thereby both feel and look better. Hypnosis provides you with long-term solutions to looking good and feeling better. Hypnotherapy can help you lose weight or gain weight. After you have attained your ideal weight, hypnosis can help you maintain your ideal weight forever.

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