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Daily Meditation - Having Difficulty Creating A Practice? 1 way to live a Zen Life.

Daily meditation keeps your mind calm, your body relaxed & your spirit strong. Discover how Coach Keya can teach you the best mediation style for you.

Daily Meditation for beginner and intermediate practitioner:

Daily Meditation - Having Difficulty Creating A Practice? 1 way to live a Zen Life. 1This is a paid service.
*Daily Meditation for Beginners *
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Meditation is as important as brushing your teeth. If you brush your teeth, you need to meditate. You need to brush to keep your teeth intact, your gums healthy, and thereby your body strong.

You need to meditate so your mind is calm, your body relaxed and your spirit strong. Whenever you have doubts creeping in your life, just go meditate. Meditation is the ultimate self-healing technique.

When people are ready to meet that special someone they go spray some mint in their mouth. I wonder, why don't they go brush and rinse. Instead of getting rid of the filth, they are masking it. What's the point? Such a temporary solution!

Daily Meditation - Having Difficulty Creating A Practice? 1 way to live a Zen Life. 3

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Similarly when life seems to hurl a curveball at you, instead of trying to distract yourself or fret over it, sit still for a minute and look within. Without sitting still in silence, you will never know your strength.

You have to be willing to claim your vulnerability to know to find out how strong you really are. There is no prescription for strength except stepping into the gym of your mind and working with all the resistance you encounter.

Daily Meditation helps you clean the cobwebs in your mind. Daily Meditation helps you keep the plumbing in your body gunk-free.

Daily Meditation isn't:

  • sitting in a certain posture and allowing your mind to wander
  • listening to music and stepping into the trance of the sound vibrations emitted from an electronic device

There are many forms of meditation, but the ones I help my clients with are:

  • sitting
  • walking
  • mantra

True meditation is being aware of who you are while engaged in your daily activities (cooking, cleaning, gardening, painting, communicating at home, work and with strangers, traveling, serving your boss or clients, etc.). A daily meditation practice allows you to stay connected to your higher self and live a balanced, centered, and grounded life, one day at a time.

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    *Daily Meditation for the Intermediate practitioner*   Online scheduling

    Daily Meditation Practice - Start one with Spiritual Life Coach Keya Murthy

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    If you are a meditator and would like to deepen your practice I can help. If you have meditated in the past and need a boost to return to your personal practice or create a new one for you, let me know.

    Fill out the form above or write to me at [email protected] or call 805-275-2289 now.

    I am not offering any group meditation classes right now.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Until later,
    Keya Murthy
    Spiritual Life Coach

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