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Last Updated On:  February 8, 2023

Happy Valentine's 💕 + invitation for Friend

By Coach Keya

Happy post-full moon!!! Did you feel the energy? OMG! It was more than a BLAST! I was knocked by it, but standing in my light, I got to witness my shadows and clear about a lot of gunk! Now I feel lighter.

On Sunday, a few of us gathered in an intimate circle to meditate, forgive, tap into compassion, and focus on how to show up in six months with new clarity.

A support system is so important, and this is not a modern thing. You have your friends and family to lean on. But a Sangha is beyond your family and friends. These are your spiritual companions on similar paths like you, who are here to support you, not judge you, and have compassion and respect for you and your struggles.

This year I have opened up to work in two ways. In my one-on-one sessions, we use NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, Timeline therapy, and a myriad of modalities from my toolkit to help you find meaning and fulfillment.

I call it Braveheart Coaching and you can only join when you interview for it. It takes a lot of my time, emotion, and energy, so I work with only a select few. To find out if you and I are a good fit, you can apply here.

And if you want the support of a small group you can meet often (or when you need it), you are more than welcome to join any event that suits you:

I host small groups like this a few times a month, and you are more than welcome to join by visiting my calendar and selecting which event suits you.

Hope to see you soon and that you are taking good care of yourself.

Loads of love,
Keya 💖✨🙏
Coach Hypnotherapist, Healer

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