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Finding Purpose and Direction for Empowered Living - Say No to Non-essentials

Finding Purpose almost seems like jargon to most of us. It did to me. I could not find the answer to questions like "Who am I?" "What am I?" "What am I doing?" "Why am I here?" and moreover and over for a very long time.

Finding Purpose with NLP Coaching and Therapeutic Hypnosis

Finding Purpose through NLP Coaching & Therapeutic Hypnosis with Coach Keya

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How often have you been told by someone else or felt on your own that doing more would make you have more? Do you still believe that doing more is the answer to all troubles and strifes? If so, then my work is not for you.

The Law of creation is Be-Do-Have. Before you begin doing anything, you ask yourself who am I being? Or ask "who must I be before I do or why doing?" If you resonate with either of these questions then let's connect through a clarity call.

Just you and me with at least twenty minutes of time in space and explore what's keeping you where you are doing over and over and still feeling the way you do.

Let your passion lead you to finding purpose

Finding Purpose and Direction for Empowered Living - Say No to Non-essentials 2

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Without passion, it is hard to find your purpose, any direction of the eventual fulfillment in life you seek so voraciously. Everything you have in your life today created by you through a drive propelled by passion. All creativity is fuelled by passion. Let's explore the possibilities of finding your purpose.

Every company has a mission and a vision. You are a company. You are your own business, your enterprise. As a healer who sees, I see you as a wholesome being with more than a mission and vision. I see you as a blessing and a promise. Let's fill up the Mission Journal of your voyage. Alone can be hard. Together we make it happen! Period!

Own your passion and let it lead you. You get to choose to book your clarity call now!

Without finding purpose life has no mission

Fill Your Mission Book with Coach Keya

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As a trainer in Neuro-linguistic Programming and a practitioner of Therapeutic Hypnosis, I help my clients come together with a personal mission statement for themselves and help them anchor themselves to it. This helps you keep your promise to yourself before you incarnated and before you began the current act of your life.

The path looks long and unending, that's true! and yet the promise is that it's possible to reach the end when you have an able guide who has walked the path before you and is willing to come back, hold your hand and walk it with you, so you may find your purpose and live it.

You know you can do it when you are not alone. Me, your coach, is a decision away, a click away, a phone call away. Let's explore the possibilities of walking together so you find your purpose.

Book your clarity call now.

Finding purpose gets easier with each step

Fin Your Purpose with NLP Coach Keya

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A famous person once said when passion meets purpose, expect a miracle. You beat the odds of being born and here you are. It's more than a pick-me-up feel-good statement. It's raw and real. What are the chances that you would be born and be reading this page right now? It has to be a miracle. I am thinking of you as I write these words.

You have lived through at least two-acts of your life. You have cried a lot, yelled some, stayed up and overslept, and then you decided to restart and call it day one. You set out seeking and here we are you and me, me writing and you reading. We exist in parallel universes and right now our worlds have collided and we are here together.

The journey is long, it doesn't have to be lonely. Book your clarity call now.

Finding purpose is the beginning of the final journey

Find your purpose using principles of Hypnosis & NLP with Coach Keya

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You could call it an accident and move on or sleep over it and revisit or click on the link and book a clarity call to determine what your next step is to find your purpose.

All search ends when you find your purpose. Life gets easier, you breathe better, sleep gets restful, your smile lasts longer and you get in touch with your true nature.

And it all begins with that decision to make that call, fill out a form, and say Yes to yourself. You begin a journey of not only finding purpose, you also find your direction and live a fulfilling life, an enriched life, an empowered life.

Before we bid adieu, I have one last question for you: How long will it be before you stop tossing the questions that keep you up and start your journey of finding purpose in life, love, health, home, work or whatever else?

If we do not meet in person let me confide, It was nice hanging out for as long as we did,

Until later, be well and know your life awaits you,

With all my love,

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