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Find Joy in the Journey | Jump Start Sessions with Complete Solutions - 1 call to get you going

Find Joy in the Journey are stand-alone sessions for you if you are one of those who is a DIY kind of person. You like to do things your way. Commitments are not your thing. You love to be in control and all you need is a second set of eyes and ears that can look at or into things for you, listen to you, and help you iron out the kinks so you can return to your freedom feeling empowered and joyous.

Scenarios that Find Joy in the Journey is made for:

Find Joy in the Journey with Coach Keya

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Feeling small and finding it hard to find joy

#1 You feel you are small and the journey ahead is a sequence of many steps and you are scared to start. I know how it feels when you are just getting started and are afraid to commit to working with a coach.

Come take my hand and let's climb the stairway, one step at a time, at your pace.

You can climb a few steps holding my hand and the rest on your own. At any time you can call and count on me to be there to help you climb one or a few steps with you. You are allowed to go in and out of the program at your pace and work for as long as or as little as you need with me by your side. Get started now with a clarity call. It's $25 for 20 minutes.

Jump Start Your Journey to Find Joy

Just Start with Coach Keya

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#2 You have everything in your head and are seeking permission to Just Start. Maybe you have everything on paper and it is just that getting into action that's not happening. Maybe you started and stopped and do not find joy in the journey anymore. Would you believe me if I confessed that I have been through all those stages myself?

Trust me, I know that feeling. It's called starting trouble, teething trouble, and a few other things. It's normal and it happens nearly to everyone. All you need is a quick pick-me-up or an extended brain-and-heart-dump process so you could Just Start and return to what brings you joy in the journey. Begin by investing $25 in a 20-minute clarity call now.

Start finding joy in the journey with Coach Keya

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To Find Joy is to be Find the Child Within

#3. Maybe you are ready to start all over again on a blank page. I have a perfect program for you. Let's connect and hopefully, you are willing and open to exploring the next steps and strategies to return to life and find joy in the journey.

Start with a Blank Page with Coach Keya

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Put your pencil on paper, let's write your story on how you are finding joy

#4. Maybe life was fun and it isn't anymore. Somewhere along the way life got too serious and what you felt was child's play and loved so much became all serious and business-like. I feel you, my dear. Let's begin and help you find joy in the journey.


Turn Ideas Into Reality and find joy in the journey with Coach Keya

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Turn Ideas into Reality and Find Joy

#5. You are full of ideas, you are passionate, you are creative. And all these inspirations could engulf you and make you feel either lost or overwhelmed. I helped many including myself get out of feeling so, return to clarity, focus, and confidence and find joy in the journey. Let's talk.

Find Joy in the Journey of going up, Up, UP with Coach Keya

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Find Joy on an Uphill Climb

#6. Does life feel like a continuous uphill climb? Do you have time to wonder why are you on this journey? Where is the joy? The journey is the destination and it feels enjoyable when you have both grace and gratitude alongside each step. Let's connect and recalibrate!

Living in Joy is your birthright, Come, Claim it!

#7. Maybe you have done all the work and are ready to get set and go, but something seems to be holding you back. It could be a decision in your health, relationship, career, or any aspect of life. You have put in the hours, time, emotion, money and now it's time to let go and enjoy. The inner critic or saboteur wakes up and jabs at you and you wonder what's that. This is atypical of self-worth and self-esteem. It's your subconscious mind at work.

Let's connect and get you out of your way so you can start to find joy in the journey.

See you soon!

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Ready, Get Set, Go - Find Joy in the Journey with Coach Keya

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