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Feeling Trapped? Focused Sessions for 1 Major Rapid Breakthrough using NLP Coaching

If you have been feeling trapped then this might be what you need: A twelve-week one-on-one time coaching with Keya.

Feeling Trapped? Ready for Rapid Breakthroughs

Feeling Trapped? Schedule S

Feeling Trapped? Focussed Sessions customized for you to experience rapid breakthroughs

In these twelve weeks, you and I will be gathering to take you through whatever is holding you back and have you feeling trapped no matter which area of your life this is in.

You could be feeling trapped in your work, relation, finances, career, body, something as small as a project or as ginormous as life. Feelings show up in one area but are an indicator of what's happening at a deeper level in your subconscious mind.

As a subconscious behavior strategist, trainer in neurolinguistic programming, and a Just-Right-Healer,  my work is here to help you bypass your inner critic and convert it into your inner coach, so the breakthrough takes you from feeling trapped to feeling free in whatever area you choose to work on.

How does this 12-week program take you away from feeling trapped?

Focussed Sessions for Rapid Breakthroughs

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Although the focus of the work here is to move you ahead through the craft of coaching primarily using neuro-linguistic programming, time-line therapy, and hypnosis the work is therapeutic in nature and you also receive healing.

It's not a "do-to" process, it's not a "do-for" process, it's a "do-with" process. What does this mean? I do not do anything to you or for you. I do whatever is needed with you so you can stop feeling trapped and start feeling free.

Cool, right? The bottom line is alone it is hard, together we make things happen. Besides helping you achieve a rapid breakthrough, my role is here to support you, guide you, and hold you accountable during these twelve-weeks.

I have laid out what exactly you can look forward to during these twelve weeks in terms of time and financial investment.

Also during these twelve weeks, I am available as a support for your emotional wellness and wellbeing.

Wk1 2.5 hours Wk5 2.5 hours Wk9 2.5 hours
Wk2 1.5 hours Wk6 1.5 hours Wk10 1.5 hours
Wk3 1 hour Wk7 1 hour Wk11 1 hour
Wk4 break (integration time) Wk8 break (integration time) Wk12 break (integration time)

Schedule Your Appointment NowYou may choose to continue your work with Coach Keya or end work and enjoy the fruits of these twelve weeks

The cost of this program is $2700.00 USD (one payment) or $987.00 USD (three monthly payments)

If you have any further questions book your possibilities call right now. The cost of this call is $25. If at the end of the call you decide that working with me is right for you, I will add the $25 towards your first payment.



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