Ether Element - Activate it for Effective Communication

If you are curious about the ether element you are at the right place at the right time. There are no accidents. You might hear about being positive, I would ask you to humbly to quit that quest. The only reason to chase positivity is when you have negativity in your life and this is how you bring yourself to balance.

As a human, you are a social animal. You are not a lone island. Communication is the crux of all your relations. To be effective having a healthy ether element is crucial - it's the fifth one.

You can begin work on the ether element when the other four stay in balance. How do you know if the first four elements are in balance is by looking at the following table.


When unbalanced

The outcome of balancing the elements


Feeling stuck in one or more areas (health, relationships, career, finance) of life

You have stability, structure, comfort, status in life


Feel sentimental and ultra-sensitive, overwhelmed

Healthy feelings of empathy in life, Healthy friendships, love, relationships

Life feels like a flow, Healthy creativity, family, strength


Bursts of anger which end in violent painful tears, Unhealthy digestion, Uncontrollable anger whether you express it or suppress it, Surrounded by people who are loud, or you feel compelled to raise your voice to be heard

Passionate about life. Can give voice to the voiceless. Always fighting for the underdogs. Powerful activist. Love to exercise. Strong healthy body


Feeling lost, poor memory, say things without meaning them and then can’t remember having said it, poor confidence, hurting bones and joints, constipation

Great orator, Good with words, ideas, concepts, Good at philosophizing, Can hold a pleasant conversation


How are you doing? Thank you for visiting and the opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is Keya Murthy and I serve my clients using subconscious behavior strategies, neuro-linguistic programming, astrology, energy medicine, and philosophies rooted in Vedanta and Buddhism.

Since 2005, I have worked professionally with thousands of clients and students helping them get from where they were to where they needed to.

I understand how hard life can be and I also know how working together can make it easier, graceful, and fun in your life.

I invite you to take me up on the offer of getting started with a clarity call with me personally. I have been there, done that, learned how to relax, release, and let go and help others do that. It wasn't easy, but it was possible, and now it can be for you too. What if I promise you: ease, grace, and fun too?

There are two options for you to choose from:

#1 Maybe you want to learn more about the ether element.
#2 Maybe you want to experience balancing the ether element within you.
Either way, it begins with a 20-minute clarity call for $25 USD. If at the end of the call you want to deepen your knowledge or experience, the $25 is put towards your next-step.
Ether Element - Effective Communication with Life Coach Keya Murthy
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Balancing the elements | Life Coach Keya Murthy
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Keya Murthy, Spiritual Life Coach
Spiritual Life Coach, Keya Murthy, M.S., C.Ht.

Balancing the elements helps you live a happier, more prosperous and care-free life. Let me show you how to break free from:

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  1. Anger about your past
  2. Grief from a loss
  3. Being fearful to receive
  4. Feeling guilty about your joys & blessings
  5. Hurting from past relationships
  6. Struggling with self-acceptance
  7. Being unhappy in marriage or partnership
  8. Feeling unhappy at work
  9. Lacking clarity
  10. Finding it difficult to focus
  11. Feeling lost
  12. Feeling stuck
  13. Feeling overwhelmed
  14. Doing the "right" things, but still getting wrong results
  15. Listening to everyone except your inner voice
  16. Struggling with finding meaning in life
  17. Feeling tired from being a workaholic
  18. Obsessive compulsive behaviors
  19. And more....

Special Offer!

$25 for 20 minutes
At the end of this call you will have total clarity on how working personally with me could help you get closer to your goals in your health, wealth, work and relationships.

Life-Changing Results that Speak for Themselves

Keya is the best ever. She helped me to overcome a lot of issues I was having. She's a great person and cares about her clients. She works with each person one-on-one and using a variety of techniques. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

– Amber W.

Keya is a truly inspired individual and teacher. She provides clarity to whatever issue you need assistance working through and creates manageable steps to guiding you forward. She is extremely knowledgeable in so many disciplines and utilizes her skills in a straightforward way to provide you with measurable progress. Working with her has been a true blessing.

– Rachel H.

Keya is a wonderful mentor and life coach. I tried conventional therapy and it helped a little but Keya definitely helped me find my true path. If life is moving like choppy waters and your lose course, Keya will help you sail in the correct direction in a nurturing fashion. If you truly want to learn then this is the you need this in your life, that pretty much means everyone.

- Tony R.

Keya has coached me to get connected with my true self, my soul and spirit. I was in an empty space floating uninspired through life ... consciously avoiding to say "my" life. Keya was able to guide me to find the gateways to my soul. I feel again alive and especially in charge of my life. She has a tremendous gift to connect on a deeper level and effortlessly bring out the truths of our pains to the surface. Then she guides you to evolve your own healing methods onto a new happier life path. Thank you Keya!

- Dirk K.

She has reinforced my thinking and has given me the tools to deal with several issues ranging from Health to Anxiety to family issues to relationships, etc. If you are at a mental or physical or any roadblock in your life, go see Keya.

- Tony C.

Coach Keya has changed my life. Since the moment I found her page I felt the magic around it. As soon as I walked into her presence I instantly felt at peace and at home. I knew at that moment that I could conquer, overcome, create or experience anything I wanted to, with the right guide and the right tools. The tools and techniques that she has thought me have been so powerful and accurate yet simple... I am very grateful for having her in my life.

- Antonella S.