Easier Sleep Using Hypnosis (Audio)

Easier Sleep Using Hypnosis

This recording is to be used only when you are in bed ready to fall asleep. Like all medicine, this is a process. You have to use it every night to train your brain to relax and rest. It is

eBook: 21 Days Stronger

21 Days Stronger

Each day is the first day of a new year. Any day could be the day to set your goals. How many times have you done this and quit before you began? This book teaches how to create S.M.A.R.T. Goals.

Hypnosis Audio: Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction: A Hypnosis Journey

STRESS: a sure killer; the beginning of all disease; doubly dangerous for women. Stress has a cumulative effect, it builds on previous stress memories. In this journey of around 20 minutes, your subconscious mind will train itself to relax. You

Hypnosis Audio: Affirmations for Prosperous Living

Affirmations for Prosperous Living

Prosperity is health, happiness and wealth. To feel prosperous you need a healthy combination of all its three ingredients. Listening to these suggestions lets you embark on a journey. Here you shift your belief system and experience prosperity with all

eBook: I AM Alive

This book is for you if: You are a struggling yogi with questions like “Who am I”? “Why am I here?” “What should I do next?” You want to stop numbing the pain and truly get better. You feel out

Hypnosis Audio: Pain Control

Pain Control: A Hypnosis Journey

Pain is a must for us to feel alive. Pain helps us from hurting ourselves. Pain doesn’t need to be your constant companion. Physical pain is short-lived. Emotional pain when left unresolved grows stronger. Mental pain is a tangled web

eBook: Landing on the Lap of the Buddha

Landing on the Lap of the Buddha

• Would you like to stop suffering? • How about learning to prevent the pain from returning? Suffering is an extreme word. The gentler word is Dukkha meaning ‘lack of happiness or contentment’. Dukkha encompasses feelings of anxiety, discomfort, sorrow,

eBook: 11 Steps to Goal-Getting

11 Steps to Goal-Getting

Imagine a life of financial freedom with fewer worries and the tools to create and implement your financial goals with ease and flow. This book is a step by step guide that helps you develop and implement actions needed to

eBook: Sparks of Inspiration #2

Sparks of Inspiration 2

In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.” -Albert Schweitzer Download

eBook: Pebbles in the Pond (Wave Four)

Pebbles in the Pond

What If Your Biggest Challenges, Struggles, and Heartbreaks Were Actually Preparing You for Your Greatest Transformation… and Contribution to the World? Can your most difficult moments be the ones that shed the greatest light in your life? These courageous visionaries