Creating a blogging mindset

Kalani Resort, Puna, HI

Kalani Resort, Puna, HI

First of all a deep gratitude and humble expression towards my Social Media Coach Laurie Hurley. On Tuesday, I attended a seminar she partnered with Brad Burch and presented at the Thousand Oaks Inn. This was yesterday when she mentioned that she would have a way of promoting those who chose to participate. In my mind, it was “next” wednesday, which is actually today.

How often have we heard that tomorrow never comes? It honestly does not. For when it does, it is actually today. Today has been a hectic day for me, trust me every day is, unless I decide with full intention and purpose I am going to plonk on my couch and either indulge in a good book or a series of movies, it is always a hectic day for me. Anyway I saw this post from Laurie reminding me of this challenge. I quickly flipped my android and created a 3 min 17 sec video presenting myself. I returned to the rush mode.

As most facebook addicts, I turned on my facebook after 10pm and found Laurie’s reminder again. I am in no state to download my half hearted video, so here I am typing away to glory. obtw: I read Laurie’s post on blogging and I said to myself “hey! I do not need my video. I can write/blog” so here is my mindful rambling.

This is just to illustrate, that one can do anything they choose to, when they decide. Do it BECAUSE. We can come up with too many reasons not to, all we need is one reason to do it. So Just do it.

I thank you for reading. I love you. And do leave a comment and I shall connect with you.

The image is one I shot of a morning at the Kalani resort in Puna Hawaii, 2 springs ago. I once read “There is Heaven, There is Hell, and there is Hawaii.”

I personally carry Hawaii in my heart, always and forever.

Until we meet, Aloha!

Helping my clients live their life liberated using principles of hypnosis, NLP & Huna.

8 comments on “Creating a blogging mindset
  1. Nelson says:

    Thanks Keya! I love it. I also love Maui. Can’t get enough and it’s my personal heaven.

  2. kara says:

    Great article to stay focused and live your dreams.

  3. You are so right Keya! Just do it, we all have reasons to put off until tomorrow or a better time … .

    I love this, “There is Heaven, There is Hell, and there is Hawaii.”

  4. Hi Keya,
    Nice to see you being intentional about advancing in progressive motion
    Keep swinging my friend!

  5. Thanks for your post Keya. Such a reminder that we always have choices!

  6. Laurie Hurley says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I am glad you are embracing your social media presence – you have much to say that will benefit people in many arenas!

  7. I love your spontaneity and stepping up to the call to action. Sometimes a deadline is what it takes to get us going. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Holly Kile says:

    What a great reminder. You’re right. Sometimes it is just a matter of just “doing it.” I know that many times once I just set my mindset that it’s getting done, it goes a lot easier!