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Last Updated On:  February 14, 2023

Celebrate love, Friend 💝

By Coach Keya

So, my dear!

Love is in the air! If you missed the Satsang retreat on the 12th, no worries. We are meeting on the 20th for a new moon sacred circle to love, heal, meditate, share and set your intention for the next moon cycle. It's Feb 20 at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm GMT. See you then!

And if you did make it to the Satsang on the 12th, then you know what a delicious treat it was. It's hard to put into words what happens in our circle during our time together. It is memorable and miraculous and magical for each of us in our own way.

The next Satsang retreat is on the 11th of March and the Theme is Equinox - balancing your shadows with your light. Come join and let's celebrate!

And, since this week is Valentine's Day, here's my challenge for you. How are you going to celebrate this day/week? Are you buying yourself flowers, a card, or a treat? Are you gifting a stranger with something special - maybe a flower or a card or a box of candies? Why not! Surprise someone and share some smiles.

Let me know what you do this week because you love yourself.

Until next time,
Peace, Wellness, Happiness
from Your Coach Keya 💝

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