Find Joy in Your Journey

Discover Your Purpose and Fulfillment for a
Joyful, Powerful, Enriched Life

Do you ever feel like you are doing all the right things
but are getting all the wrong results?

Do you find yourself feeling:

    • Lost?
    • Stuck?
    • Overwhelmed?
    • Unseen?
    • Unheard?
    • Misunderstood?
    • Hopeless?
Brave-heart Coaching testimonial

You’ve read all the books, heard all the podcasts, attended all the webinars, and are unwilling to listen to the next person who suggests something else to make you feel better. You have run the rounds of therapists and they now feel like girlfriends you are tired of visiting and telling the same old story.

How do I know? I have been there and heard and helped many who have been there. Trust me, I have been through it all and more.

Hello, my name is Keya. Life found an interesting way of making me see that doing good and right things do not always bring good and right results. 

I have experienced earning over a hundred thousand dollars in a successful career and battled unemployment and homelessness as a single mother of three children.

I have survived bankruptcy, divorce, accidents, injuries, the loss of loved ones, and an empty-nest.

Keya Murthy, Spiritual Life Coach

Through my struggles, I’ve learned that what no longer serves me dies and the phoenix rises from its own ashes – transformation occurs – and something nice and new is born.

I believe everyone deserves to live a beautiful, powerful and free life. And I can help you free yourself from your entrapments to find joy, passion, and purpose in life, heal your past, find hope for the future and happiness in the present. 

Living life in self-doubts with low self-esteem and low self-worth or with blame, shame and guilt robs you of your personal pride, dignity, and eventually, sanity. Peace and balance are your birthrights. You deserve to find a direction that keeps you focused on your true north.

Brave-heart Coaching

Brave-heart Coaching is a 12-week program designed to help you find joy in the journey, bring balance and achieve your goals to transform your life into a healthier, wealthier, and happier version of yourself. This cutting-edge, holistic curriculum combines Hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic programming, Astrology, Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Transpersonal psychology, Communication strategies, Energy medicine, and Shamanism.

Testimonial by Christina D for Coach KeyaYou will: 

  1. Release the shackles from the past and find freedom and joy in life 
  2. Learn to work with your inner critic and transform it into your inner coach
  3. Heal your inner child and make it your inner champion
  4. Find forgiveness and learn to live free from blame, shame, and guilt
  5. Learn to use your sleep time to reprogram your subconscious mind
  6. Create daily rituals to find love, healing, and peace in all aspects of your life
  7. Become an effective communicator and speak to be heard
  8. Experience rapid healing and breakthroughs 
  9. Align and integrate your conscious and subconscious mind to eliminate doubts and live in love
  10. Commune with your higher consciousness and make magic part of your daily life

What you get:

  1. Self-study Program (you have life-time access) containing:
    • Workbook 
    • Twelve Audio-video programs
  2. 12 Weekly Group Coaching 120 minutes each call
  3. One monthly heal-a-thon on last Saturday of the month 10 am-Noon Pacific Time 
  4. Daily inclusion in energy attunements and just-right-healing (you have to do nothing more than sign up for the program of your choice)

Coach Keya testimonial by Renee LBonus for first five buyers:

  1. Sixty-minute astrological reading
  2. Two-hours of spiritual life coaching and hypnotherapy 

One time price $697.00

Monthly payment plan (over 3 months) $278.67

A 20-minute Clarity-call for you with me, your Brave-heart Coach, Keya Murthy if you need extra clarity on if this is right for you?

How It Works

    • The self-study program includes 12 audio-video segments with an accompanying guide/workbook
      11 Steps to Goal Getting: Using the Principles of Hypnosis, NLP, and Huna. 

Core program

    • 11 weeks of Group Coaching in intimate groups of up to 8 participants
      • each member gets 5 minutes of one-on-one time with me in a round-robin 
      • in the end, everyone gets 60 seconds of sharing what sparkled and what they are walking away with and ask one question
      • mastermind support for two members each week – two people get to share a specific challenge for 7 minutes and receive 1 minute of support from each of the attendees of the group
      • 12th week a half-day (4-hour) retreat for participants in all groups

Core program

Weeks 1,2,3
(Wk of 06/20, 06/27, 07/04)

Weeks 5,6,7
(Wk of 07/18, 07/25, 08/01)

Weeks 9,10,11
(Wk of 08/15, 08/22, 08/29)

8 Group Coaching Sessions (2-hour)

$2400 Value


Weeks 4 and 8
(Week of 07/11 and 08/08)

2 Mastermind Sessions (2-hour)

$900 Value


12th week since launch

Saturday, Sept. 11, 2021

(8 am-Noon, Pacific Time)

1 Half-day Retreat (4-hour) includes: 

    • readings, 
    • therapeutic hypnosis, 
    • coaching, 
    • healing, 
    • vision quest, 
    • meditation 
    • and more 

$1200 Value


To be availed within the program dates

(for the first five (5)  people who buy)

Astrological Reading – 1 hour 

$1000 Value

4 – thirty-minute sessions of one-on-one coaching, therapeutic hypnosis, or healing

$2000 Value

Self-Study Program 

11-week Audio-Visual Program with Guide Book


Total Value


$7697 Value

Cost to You


$997.00 USD

Why You’ll Love It

Weekly support, guidance, and a safe private online community to share challenges and celebrate breakthroughs

Expert Coaching

  • Three hours 1:1 coaching support *
  • Mastermind support for healing and therapy
  • 4-hour retreat with readings, therapeutic hypnosis, coaching, healing, vision quest, meditation, and more



Supportive Community

  • Private Facebook Community
  • Group coaching calls
  • Limited group size for personalized attention

Online Program

  • Self-paced learning
  • Lifetime access to the self-study course
  • Learn from any place, any time 
  • Recording of all sessions to be downloaded
  • Core program has three components:
    • Self paced  
    • Each week Live and highly interactive group setting where everyone gets one-on-one time with me
    • Audio, Video and Written format for your unique learning style

Here you get the best of healing, therapy and coaching

  • The core program is set in a group where you get to:
    • support others and in doing so find your own brilliance – no matter how challenged you feel, you always find it in you to be objective with others and offer your point of view
    • be supported by others
    • coached by me and other experts
  • Online setting – so you can be at your place of convenience
  • All sessions (personal and group) are downloadable for personal use and future reference
  • Lifetime Access to self-study course, recordings and any future updates
  • Group sizes limited to 8 (eight) for intimacy, personalized attention and complete coaching during group coaching hours (still unsure of the group size)
  • Each participant gets one-on-one time with me every single week
Private forum and online community for ongoing support


1. Find Your Why: Know Thyself

    You will:

    • Learn about Yourself (thoughts, emotions, needs, wants, physical circumstances)
    • Understand the reasons behind your goals to ensure personal discipline, commitment, and eagerness

2. Dream Your Dream: Clarify Your Vision

     You will:

    • Differentiate your lists, goals, and vision
    • Gain clarity and focus

3. Laws of Nature: Cause and Effect

     You will:

    • Understand responsibility, reasons, results
    • Harness power of infinite potentiality and produce
    • Find joy in your journey
Braveheart coaching testimonial by Stephanie C

4. Universal Laws: Sacrifice and Creation

     You will:

    • Learn to understand and use universal laws of sacrifice and creation

5. Subconscious: Your Powerhouse

     You will:

    • Understand your conscious and subconscious mind
    • Tap into the power of your unconscious and use it to regulate your projections and therefore your creations aka learn to make magic happen on your own
    • Learn to notice how you have been creating your reality all along 
    • Begin to make a more desirable reality consciously

6. Who are you? Affirm! 

     You will:

    • Learn to fall in love with yourself
    • Claim your personal power
    • Attract more love into your life
    • Your self-esteem begins to blossom
    • Establish yourself in your truth
    • Grow foundations for your future self (emotionally and materially)


Brave-heart coaching testimonial by Jennifer E

7. Where are you? Priorities!

     You will:

    • Learn your role in your life
    • Explore your past to release all that’s redundant
    • Become congruent in your present so your future self is completely supported. This is where life mastery begins.

8. Prime Time: Your Golden Hour

     You will:

    • Learn to use your sleep time to reprogram your subconscious mind to be more effective in all you do daily

9. What do you see? Reflections

     You will learn to:

    • Explore your fears, step into your faith 
    • Embrace your strengths
    • Tap into the power of imagery 
    • Travel through your time-line
    • Live in your personal power
    • Ride the wave of self-worth
    • Live in self-love
spiritual life coaching with Keya Murthy testimonila

10. Freedom: The Gift of Forgiveness

        You will:

    • Begin the process of letting go energetically of those who wronged you and hurt you and are still occupying space in your heart-mind. 
    • Experience ho’oponopono (the forgiveness meditation from Hawaii)
    • Be inspired to incorporate forgiveness as a bedtime ritual and wake up refreshed and inspired for a new day
    • Begin freeing yourself from the clutches of the past and enjoy your present more fully 

11. Zenith: The Master Plan 

      You will:

    • Write your plan and know that you will get it – guaranteed
    • Stop feeling stuck and learn to create stability, structure, and success in any area of your life
    • Live each day in complete joy


  1. 1-hour/60-minute Astrological reading with me (for first 5 people who sign up) Value $300.00
  2. 2 one-hour/4 thirty-minute private 1:1 coaching/healing/therapy sessions with me (for first 5 people who sign up) Value $600.00 
  3. 6-hour mini-course: “How to Stop the Chaos and Create a sustainable Calm”
  4. 1 Half-day Retreat with readings, therapeutic hypnosis, coaching, healing, vision quest, meditation, and more $400 Value

What’s Included Recap

  1. Self-study program with the audio-video program, and workbook on 11 Steps to Goal Getting: Using the Principles of Hypnosis, NLP & Huna
  2. 8 weeks of 120-minute Group Coaching with 1:1 time with me in a small group of 8 
  3. 2 monthly mastermind sessions – 120 minutes each
  4. 1 half-day retreat – four hours


  1. 1 astrology reading – sixty-minute *(bonus for the first five to enroll)
  2. 120 minutes of personal one-on-one time with me which can be availed for hypnosis, coaching, healing, or a combination and it can be had as any one of or a combination of the following **(bonus for the first ten to enroll)


Sign up today, complete the first module, and if you do not find any value in it and show that you’ve completed your homework in that first lesson, you can request a refund for $897 within the first 10 days of the program. You also have the option to have a 1:1 conversation with Coach Keya personally, exchange feedback and if a working relationship cannot be created, you will be promptly refunded $897.

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