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Braveheart Coaching

12-Week Coaching Program

Heal Your Heart &
Prepare Your Mind for Success

Do You?

  • Feel lost with too many options and need to decide what’s ideal, for you, right now
  • Work hard at doing all that’s right and now feel ready for the results
  • Have chaos in one or more areas of your life and seek some calm
  • Feel exhausted from spinning in circles and could use some pointers on returning to flow
  • Want to stop the overwhelm and get on your own priority list

Hello, my dear,

Do you resonate with one or more of the circumstances from the list above? 

Can I be honest? Not too long ago I could resonate with all those situations. And to be brutally honest, once in a while I find myself engulfed in one of the situations, even of late.

Fortunately, over the past twenty-five years, I have studied with many teachers, some spiritual, some motivational, and of course formally in classrooms to notice when I begin to slip and catch myself.

Also, learning to be honest with myself, taking responsibility, and helping thousands heal, I have continued healing myself and keep getting better at forgiving myself and restarting.

Imagine a life where you are

Imagine a life
where you are

  • Free from past patterns and baggage of negative emotions
  • Living in forgiveness and purpose
  • Practicing self-acceptance, self-love, self-healing, and self-care
  • Communicating more effectively with yourself and others
  • Enjoy balance, harmony, and peace

That is my mission, promise, and blessing for you when we work together.

When you
work with me

As a Clinical hypnotherapist, I help you learn how to tap into your subconscious mind, so you can break free from past patterns and replace them with new habits that make life easier and more fun.

As a Trainer in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), I help you understand your internal conversations, so you can communicate more effectively at home, at work, and in life.

As an Astrologer, I help you understand and accept the uniqueness of your life, so you begin to fall in love with yourself.

As a Yoga and Meditation teacher, I help you learn how to engage in self-care, honor your body temple and meditate, so you can enjoy balance, harmony, and peace.

As an Energy Medicine Practitioner-Teacher, I’ll teach you self-healing and the practice of Ho’oponopono, so you can find forgiveness, personal freedom, and empowerment.

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Kind Words Shared by Others

Working with Keya is incredible. She's a master of her craft and brings such a loving, empowered energy to sessions. She cares so much about her clients and about humanity which shows through everything she does. Magic.

- Kate C., Hartford, CT

Time spent with Keya is time well spent. What a gift she is to those who have found her. Keya's work is powerful and profound. She is effective, honest, blunt, loving, forgiving, and real.

- Christina D., Calabasas, CA

Coach Keya is by far the best coach in helping you with healing your past and present and preparing you for your future. She helped me heal my relationships.

- Ceci C., Ventura, CA

Keya has a full toolbox to address the ‘whole person’ ⁠— body, mind, and spirit... The best investment is in ourselves and she is an incredible ally.

- Daniela R., San Francisco, CA

Find Joy in Your Journey

Find Joy in Your Journey

Discover Your Purpose and Fulfillment for a Joyful, Powerful, Enriched Life

When you join the 12-week Brave-Heart Coaching Program, you will discover how to:

  • Tap into your own intuition and know that you are right when you are right and stop second-guessing yourself
  • Breathe easier and live life more gracefully when you tap into your subconscious mind and access your higher self
  • Use your sleep time to reprogram your subconscious mind so you can replace old patterns with new beneficial ones that allow you to feel healthy, wealthy, and happy
  • Maximize your waking hours so that you could get your goals effortlessly and have more fun along the way
  • Start a new conversation with money so you can attract financial abundance
  • Begin a new journey towards health and happiness
  • Use healing hypnosis to live without blame, shame, and guilt
  • Experience Ho’oponopono to forgive your past so you can enjoy more freedom
  • Meditate in 60 seconds to experience peace, anytime, anywhere
  • Effectively use self-hypnosis for self-mastery
  • Create a prosperity blueprint to keep you on track even after the program is over

You'll Receive

  • Video Course + Workbook: 11 Steps to Goal-Getting
  • 9 group coaching sessions with individual one-on-one coaching for all participants
  • 1 group healing session with individual one-on-one healing
  • 1 Ho’oponopono meditation for the forgiveness of ancestors, all transgressors, and personal past
  • 1 half-day retreat with healing, guided meditation, astrological readings, angel imagery where you will meet your personal guardian angel, and more!
  • Daily energy attunements and just-right healing

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What My Students Have to Say

Keya has a very calming way about her and I always leave feeling motivated and at peace.

- Marni B., Ventura, CA

Keya is amazing! She is transparent, to the point, gets to the root quickly, yet has a way about her that is calming and extremely supportive.

- Sabrina R., Oxnard, CA

Direct, wise, and healing, Keya has supported my goals in areas of personal, professional, and spiritual growth. She listens but gives feedback.

- Daniela R., Sedona, AZ

I appreciate that she doesn't try to fix my problems, but rather help me find the answers to my problems through affirmations, teachings, and mantras.

- Amy R., Santa Barbara, CA

Meet Coach Keya

Keya Murthy, M.S., C.Ht. began her journey as a teacher, an engineer and for the past sixteen years has worked as a Spiritual Life Coach and an accredited Hypnotherapist.

She is the founder of  Ventura Healing Center and has helped thousands heal their heart and prepare their mind to achieve success.

Using the principles of Buddhism, Vendanta, Reiki, Huna (Hawaiian Shamanism), Yoga, Ayurveda, Munay-ki (Peruvian Shamanism), and more, Keya teaches her students to find forgiveness from their past, and step into their future - beautiful, powerful, and free.

Keya is also an astrologer, an author, and an alchemist.

Keya Murthy, Spiritual Life Coach

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