Venus in sky

Venus retrograde: 3 ways to avoid emotional overload

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If today is between – May13-June 25th 2020 – it’s happening now as you read it. It’s time to dismantle the old and start anew. Venus retrograde, in other words, means it feels that Venus is moving backward in space

Ventura Healing Center Manifesto - Know Your Worth

Know Your Worth

  We love …. more time, more money, more love, more laughter, more strength, more options, and results We hate …. excuses, doubters, and whiners We believe …. peace and prosperity is possible for all We challenge …. ourselves to

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Return to basics: staying calm amidst any storm

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Return to basics: staying calm amidst any storm I was born and raised in an upper-middle-class family in suburban India. My mom worked as a high court reporter and my dad as an electrical engineer in an oil company. This

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New moon in Scorpio

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Are you ready? This says it all! A Scorpio moon is the darkest of all the new moons. The truth about life is no one has it easy. Scorpios love to hang out in the darkest realms of the Unconscious

When your head gets in your way write to

Just Imagine

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When your head gets in your way There comes a time when you don’t want to do anything. Everything feels “meh!”. I loved this word since when I heard my middle schooler use it years ago. When you are feeling

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Why Do People Still Get Married?

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11 Reasons Marriage Probably Is (Or Isn’t) For You Humans are creatures of conditioning through genetics, familial and societal conditioning. A child younger than eight years takes in information from its environment. In the beginning, it is the home and

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Morning pages

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Morning pages – the why and the how All I can say is “… there’s magic in the air” each morning and the magic overflows into midday as I write each morning. So what to write? No matter what you

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Why meditate?

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Why do bad things happen to good people? Bad things happen to everyone like good things happen to each of us. Often we focus on the bad that’s happening and ignore all the good. Bad things have a strong pull

Got dreams?

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The topic of the day is DREAMS. Did you know that you are always dreaming? Dreaming is a constant for the mind. You dream when you are asleep. Also when you are awake. The only time the mind is not

Stop self-sabotage. Be a realistic dreamer!

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Dreams: Each morning I wake up to a few brilliant ideas. Generally, most of them fade soon. By noon, if I have a couple that I am still holding on to, I am thrilled. For the most part, each of