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142 things Keya can help you using Hypnosis

Coach Keya

142 things Keya can help you using Hypnosis Keya’s area of expertise are highlighted below: Addictions Age regression Agoraphobia Anesthesia Anger Anxiety Assertiveness Assist healing Attitude adjustment Bed wetting Biofeedback Breathing Career Success Change habits Child birth Chronic pain *

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Overcoming Resistance using Hypnosis

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Overcoming Resistance using Hypnosis Have you ever wondered how right actions lead to wrong results? We think something is right to do and then we know the results we get are wrong. What is it that creates this discord? How

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Relationships – Parenting

Relationships – Parenting People give more importance to their work (jobs and business) than their relationships. This is why all relationships go through crises. As a parent I know my children come before everyone including God. If I should ever

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Creating Change using NLP, Hypnosis and Huna with Keya Murthy

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Creating Change using NLP, Hypnosis and Huna with Keya Murthy Learn how hypnosis, NLP & Huna can shift your reality right now. Your subconscious is your ultimate store house or potent power. Learn to tap into it. Alter your life

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Want to master life?

Mastering Life

Live life one day at a time. Life can be pretty overwhelming for most of us when you try to see the big picture. Usually we begin to notice every bit at a time of the entire vision. If we

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You can earn the income you want, delight in meaningful relationships, and enjoy good health, when you connect with the missing link… Within you lies the ability to consciously create what you want. But for many of us it’s smothered by

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