Year End Special from Keya

coaching@coachkeya.com for 30 min strategy session

Success Coaching in Career and Relationships

$2 for 1 minute of coaching/counseling/healing/reading. At times you may not need an hour, but you still need assistance: focus, direction, accountability and more. Have you ever wanted to decompress and recharge? Do you believe you deserve it. Then here is your chance to avail of this special pricing. Buy now, use now or use later, maybe gift it to a loved one.

You decide the number of minutes you want to buy, and it is all yours.

You may use the time for:

  1. Success Coaching/Strategy session          minimum 20 minutes
  2. Handwriting Analysis                                     minimum 15 minutes
  3. Spiritual Counselling                                       minimum 15 minutes
  4. Healing session                                                  minimum 20 minutes
  5. Hypnotherapy                                                   minimum 50 minutes
  6. Reading minimum                                           minimum 15 minutes

This is only a suggested minimum you can buy only what you feel you need and buy more later. But this pricing is only valid until the year end. You may use what you bought for up to 3 months from time of purchase.

People have often told me that one thing I told them gave them all they needed.

Helping my clients live their life liberated using principles of hypnosis, NLP & Huna.

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