Rest! Stop the STORM!

Rest! Stop the STORM!

Opportunities are not created by doing. Opportunities come to you, when you are resting. Separate yourself from the nervous desire to work, and rest. When you rest, work gets done. Rest strengthens us. Rest creates opportunities. When you experience fear or feel tired (mentally or physically), rest. When in fear we usually work, instead we should stop all work and rest. Rest creates more energy. Rest brings us reassurance.

We do not have to work for God, Gurus, Jesus, Amma, Master, the Sangha or anyone else, nobody. We have to be with them, live with them, live for them. They do the work and create the opportunities.

To learn how you can tap into your own brilliance, the power that is the creator, God within you, go find a teacher. If you just want to have a conversation so you may continue on your own conscience journey, Call Keya at 805-275-2289 or write to for a 30 minute obligation free strategy session.

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