Relationships – Parenting

Relationships – Parenting

People give more importance to their work (jobs and business) than their relationships. This is why all relationships go through crises. As a parent I know my children come before everyone including God. If I should ever have to pick between God and my children, God would have to wait for his turn.

For as long as you get to physically participate in a relationship, do it with joy, with pleasure, remain present. When time is up, everyone moves on, parents, partners in life, in business, our children. So if today, someone demands an extra moment of yours, feel fortunate, relish it. For tomorrow it will be only a memory. Our future is only as certain as the investment we make in our present.

Talking of my children, once I blinked they were walking on their own, next time I blinked my daughter was taller than me, the third time I blinked, she left home. I gave her wings and now she soars the skies.

A tree never gives us shade, made our lives fragrant and beautiful with its flowers, makes it sweet with its fruits and it never asks for us for anything in return. Be the rock in your relationships, the tree for your friends, the anchor for your family.

Life is only worth it, when you have lived it for others.

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