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“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak;
courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”
-Winston Churchill.

So what does it mean to know when to stand up and speak and to sit down and listen. Those who speak always feel they must speak, whether they are seated or standing. And everyone else must listen. But the wise person knows when to speak and when not to. A wise man also knows listening is active participation in a conversation.

The world agrees that Churchill was a great politician.  The times when he lived was when England was losing its grip on world imperialism and it was also at war with Hilter. Under these tough circumstances he demonstrated courage. He overcame his doubts and fears and rose up to let the world know how he believed he could actively participate in his country winning all wars. He also knew when to opine and when to allow others to speak, thereby creating through collaboration.

Lao Tsu said a man who knows speaks not. When you are unsure, ask and after asking, do listen. Be observant and you can engage in success and happiness.

In Sanskrit there is a saying which goes the one who controls his tongue, is wealthy. The amount of words we speak or do not decides where we stand in the world in physical and financial health.

So next time you feel challenged to speak, be wise and decide “is this my moment to stand up or sit down?”. The answer will come to you in less than a 3 seconds. And when you know you must stand that is when you know you must speak. If the answer is that you must sit then you know you must listen.

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