Manifestation Coaching

Manifestation Coaching

Manifestation coaching is a unique way of blending hypnosis, neuro linguistic programming, time line therapy, imagery, handwriting analysis and huna to help you manifest blissful relations, excel in communications, enjoy your career, make and save money and have a healthy lifestyle. It is easy when you know how to manifest this and also have the support of a coach.

We create everyday. Every thing that we experience is a result of our creation. Not everything we experience is exciting, is it? This is because it is a result of our unconscious creation. Thoughts lead to emotions and emotions lead to physical manifestation – whether it is our finances, relationships, health, career or any experience. Unconscious thoughts lead to unconscious emotions.

Thoughts we do not consciously think are unconscious thoughts. Emotions we do not purposefully feel are unconscious emotions. Thoughts and emotions belong to us, we do not belong to them. When we learn to master our thoughts and emotions instead of allowing them to take us on an uncontrolled roller coaster ride, we can have all we desire, for ourselves and those we care about.

Manifestation Coaching allows you to live your life at a 100% all the time. It is possible. There are many who have achieved this level of excellence in their lives. Come join the list.


I have owned my company for 8 years.  In that 8 years, the business under went many changes and financial struggles, which took its toll on my mind and spirit.  When I reached a point, when I felt I had failed at business and relationships,  I started working with Keya Murthy on subconscious patterns that were limited my ability to be a strong leader and expecting more from my company and myself as a leader.  In a matter of 6 months, my company has doubled its profit, and the trends appear to be steady.  More importantly I feel a stronger leader to my staff and more self-assured.  As an added bonus I also have rekindled a long ago love affair which is now giving me more satisfaction then I could have asked for.  Thank you Keya.  I look forward to continuing our Journey to enlightenment, self-discovery and a happy future.    


 Dr Cassandra Woods DPT, PT, CEO 


Helping my clients live their life liberated using principles of hypnosis, NLP & Huna.

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