Huna prosperity workshop

Prosperity isn’t just Financial prosperity,
Success isn’t merely Financial Success,
Abundance isn’t only Financial Abundance.
Life isn’t about kicking butts and chasing a goal. It is not about making priority lists and checking things off of it.

We do create 90 mins of magic. Please bring your journal and pen to take notes. I never run any agenda. It is about your problems and helping you find the understanding of the situation and the solution using the Magic within you.

Huna allows to delve into your subconscious and connect to your higher consciousness and begin the downpour of the blessings.


Cost: $10 before October 10th, $15 at door
When: Saturday, 12th November, 2011 6:00pm
Doors Open 5:55pm
Where: 1243 S Petit Ave #259 Ventura CA 93004
RSVP: to save a spot


If you are struggling to make money or wanting to make money these 90 minutes will teach you make more.

If you have tons of money but spend it to get healthier then these 90 minutes will teach you to get healthy without that.

May you have enough money and are very healthy as well, but could use more approval in your relations (personal and professional), without working too hard at it, then these 90 minutes will teach you that.

Huna or any spiritual path isn’t a quick fix to get healthy, wealthy or even improve your relationship.

Huna allows you to tap into the magic of existence, and empower you master life. How shows you that YOU Are the Magician.

If you feel that these 90 minutes will give you the key to your life, then please do not come.




Helping my clients live their life liberated using principles of hypnosis, NLP & Huna.

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