Communication Skills Workshop

Communication Skills Workshop for the Extroverts and the Introverts

This is a series that is presented every other Wednesday. It is a small safe group where you feel heard, nurtured and are challenged to become better at communicating.

* Have you ever felt unheard? 
* Misunderstood?
* OR plain simply ignored?

Then this workshop is for you. If you feel you are not shy, quiet and introvert yet struggle with those who are, then this workshop is for you as well. Living with the shy, quiet and introvert could be your challenge.

There will be:
* Presentation
* Practice Sessions
* Q & A session
* Discussion
* Handouts / Class notes

Each class includes a new topic. The more you attend, the better you understand communication. This is for every day living.

A few of the Topics included are:
* Suggestibility – How we take in information
* Human behavior – Formation and application
* Tapping into our Powerhouse – The Subconscious mind
* NLP Model
* Huna Model

Next event details:
: Wednesday Sept 3rd, 2014 6:30pm – 8pm
Where: Ventura Healing Center 674 County Square Dr #209A Ventura CA 93003
What : * Combine Suggestibility + Behavior
* The Subconscious mind
* Intro to the NLP Model (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
Cost : $15 (pay Cash at door)
Prepay using Paypal to guarantee your seat.
Limited seating – 8 participants for effective communication

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