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Live well

Being  Happy and Healthy, is True Wealth.

“What comes first, tomorrow or death, you can never tell” -A Tibetan saying. Now is all you have. Live well. Be kind, be generous, stay humble. This is the only way to be happy, feel healthy and experience true wealth.

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You are what you eat

You are what you eat “Let thy food be thy medicine, Let thy medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates 460 BC These words are eternally true. Whatever you put into your mouth must be beneficial for the body. The food

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What is in the Center?

 On Success  “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.“ – Abraham Lincoln I think I have become a pro at starting things even when I am scared.  I mean seriously not ready and

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Aloha – It is more than a greeting

More often than not when I ask someone “Have you heard of Hawaii?” and everyone says “Yes.” I say “You know it is not just a place in the ocean.” This is when people begin to wonder what is this

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Overcoming Resistance using Hypnosis for 30 minutes strategy session

Overcoming Resistance using Hypnosis Have you ever wondered how right actions lead to wrong results? We think something is right to do and then we know the results we get are wrong. What is it that creates this discord? How

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Pain Peace Power Play

“To enjoy the rainbow, we must enjoy the rain.” – Paolo Coelho Just as there can be no smoke without fire, there cannot be a rainbow without the rain. For every freedom we experience someone pays the price. Let’s be

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Allow me to rest…

teri aankhon mein rukna hai raat bhar ke liye, faraz… main toh ek khwaab hoon, subah chalaa jaoonga… allow me to rest in your eyes for the night, faraz… i am a mere dream, i shall leave in the morn…

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