Amma (Sri Karunamayi) is coming to SoCal

This is extremely personal for me. Most people do not know Ventura exists.

Amma in Hindu temple of Ventura, CA

Amma in Hindu temple of Ventura, CA

Even people in California wonder where is Ventura. People from LA think Ventura means Ventura Blvd. They visit Santa Barbara and travel through Ventura and never know they crossed Ventura, we have 7 exits on the 101 Freeway and we are invisible. Despite all this Amma picked Ventura to begin her visit. I believe this is something very special.

Amma, (spiritual mother to all her devotees) has attained the cosmic consciousness and lives it everyday. She sees no separation in anything. I have personally worked and lived with spiritual masters and they are men. They do see the distinction between good and bad, power and weakness, black and white. But Amma no, never. I even know spiritual teachers (not enlightened masters) who say there is evil out there and we must be wary of it, but not Amma. In all her benevolence she is ever giving, ever loving, ever caring and ever kind.

Two years ago, in 2010 I realized I was on my own and had to do all I could to keep my sanity and work on my finances/career and also be there (emotionally and physically) from my children, on a daily basis. I withdrew all seva activities. I just continued with my daily puja and meditation and of course did my monthly satsang with my own friends. Amma’s framed photograph, so lovingly gifted for my alter my Kelly Luscombe, the head of the LA satsang adorns my alter. In every room I go in my house I feel Amma’s presence.

In 2011 when I walked up to Amma to receive her individual blessings, she said “I missed you so much my child. This whole year I missed you.” How did Amma know that I was not in sync with her devotees in LA? The first words I remember hearing from Amma is “I do not miss you my children. You are always in my heart. How can I miss my babies who are always in my heart?” And this same Amma of mine was saying “I missed you the entire year.” I had nothing to say, I never do. My words melt into tears in her presence, always. She also said “wherever Amma is, there is your home.” Forever my dream had been to have a home of my own. With her words she removed that desire of mine too. I know my home is with Amma.

Another long term devotee of Amma, Jan Smithers told me once, how Amma blessed her and her daughter. Jan believes that through Amma’s blessings her daughter graduated from college. She comforted me and said “just pray to Amma and she will take care of your daughter.” In 2010 after Amma visited Ventura and left for San Francisco. I was mumbling to myself and my daughter said “mom, let’s go to San Francisco for Amma’s fire ceremony.” In a couple of hours we looked up a motel 6, booked a night, tooked our dogs and some food and hit the road. The next morning we were at the homa. Amma was doing a Saraswati homa for students. My daughter got to sit with other young children and participate in this auspicious ceremony. In 2011, Roohi, my daughter again went for Amma’s homa in Pasadena and in the end I took her to Amma and said “Amma, she is going to college.” When around Amma I can barely speak, ever. Amma said “Amma will take care of her. She is Amma’s child.” This year for spring break my daughter is coming home and it is the same week when Amma is in Ventura.

No matter how far the child goes from the mother, Amma’s hand is also long enough to bring her children back to her and also reach out and bless them every morning and night. In 2005 I was at a crossroad in my life, I met Amma. In less than a month she moved things around for me and sent me to Ventura. The word love isn’t enough to express what I feel for Amma. I do not know how my life would be without Amma in my life.

LOVE You Amma, Thank you Amma. Jai Karunamayi!

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